Experience Bhutan

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Hot Stone Bath


Hot stone bath is one of the very great experiences Bhutan has to offer. The riverside rocks are heated till red hot and gradually dropped into a wooden tub filled with water and scattered with Artemisia leaves.

Gangtey Valley


The remote alpine Gangtey Valley is home to the black-necked crane and a host of other wildlife. We begin a beautiful three-day trek through villages to the sub-tropical areas bounding the Wangdue and Punakha valleys.

Himalayan Wonders

Jomolhari Mountain Bhutan

The Snowman Trek, is undeniably one of the most strenuous trek in Bhutan, if not the world. But it is absolutely worth it. Attempted by few trekkers, it offers adventurers 360 degree views of the Himalayan ranges and snow fed glacier lakes. 


Bhutan Art

Bhutan has a unique spirit and identity, which is also reflected in its arts and crafts, which are all religiously rooted. Three characteristics are typical for Bhutanese art: it has no independent aesthetic function, it is religious and anonymous.



Experience buddhist and culture and learn any of the Mahayana Buddhist wisdoms. The Mahayana, 'Great Vehicle' or 'Great Carriage' (for carrying all beings to nirvana), is also, and perhaps more correctly and accurately, known as the Bodhisattvayana, the bodhisattva's vehicle


Druk Path Trek

Bhutan is famous for its nature and environment friendly tourism. Experience the nature and go for treks in its luscious valleys or visit the temples for meditation and spiritual wellness and happiness!